Always Persist & Believe

Whatever You Ask For In Prayer,Believe That You Have Received It. And It Will Be Yours. Whatever You Do, Do It With A Whole Lot Of Confident And Believe Because Everything Is Possible. Remember To Get Rid Of That Fear And Start Trusting Yourself Remember If It Doesn’t Work Don’t Change The Goal Change TheContinue reading “Always Persist & Believe”

How To Be Productive Every Week

There are multiple strategies to increase your productivity,such as time management and proper use of resources. productivity is also directly correlated to your mental health,stress levels and anxiety. WEEKLY GOALS. Setting Atleast one small goal per day can lead to an entire productive week.use simple,realistic and measurable goals. USE A PLANNER. Planners Keep your tasksContinue reading “How To Be Productive Every Week”

June 16 1976

A Youth Day On June 16 Is A Holiday In My Country South Africa🇿🇦 and commemorates a protest which resulted in a wave of protests across the country known as the SowetoUpRising1976 The June 16 Soweto Youth Uprising The June 16 1976 uprising that began in soweto And spread countywide profoundly changed the socio-political landscapeContinue reading “June 16 1976”

Set Goals & Never Give Up On Them

Start Unknown Finish Unforgettable..If Opportunity Doesn’t Lock On Your Door Build a Door In Case You Still Wondering Just What To Do Well Imma Spit It Out For Start Now. Start Where You Are. Start With Fear. Start With Pain. Start With Doubt. Start With Your Hands Shaking. Start With Voice Trembling. Start And Don’tContinue reading “Set Goals & Never Give Up On Them”

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