How To Be Productive Every Week

Daily Plans Always Set Out A Productive Week.

There are multiple strategies to increase your productivity,such as time management and proper use of resources. productivity is also directly correlated to your mental health,stress levels and anxiety.


This Is How A Weeky Goal Should Go.

Setting Atleast one small goal per day can lead to an entire productive week.use simple,realistic and measurable goals.


Use A Planner More Effectively.

Planners Keep your tasks organised into one notebook.use vibrant colors,highlighters and stickers to draw attention to important tasks.


Why You Need To Relax Your Mind.

When working on an assignment take a break every 25minutes. This allows your brain to refocus and rechange.


Set Priorities.

Rank your To-Do list in order of importance. Start with the most of importance task and work your way down. This ensures you complete your more critical assignments even if you are unable to complete your entire To-Do list.


Set dates & alarms for schedules.

Use online resources like Google calendar to schedule your weekly tasks. Set up reminders or alarms through your phone to remind you of important due tasks.


Move to a more quiet space. Change your environment.

It’s easy to get distracted on a noisy environment,or at your own home where the TV is within close reach. Get your work done in a quieter environment like going to the library or having a study room in your place.


Reward Yourself,Spoil Yourself,Just Treat Yourself After Accomplishments.

Everyone deserve reward after a long day of hard work. Rewardingb yourself is more like being productive. Treat Yourself with small rewards it can after a day when done working or after a week.

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