♡Love That Brings Light♡

😍💕🔥Fire & Ice🔥💕😍

Some Say The World Will End With Fire,Some Say With Ice.

From What I’ve Tasted Of Desire I Hold With Those Who Favor Fire.

But If I Had To Parish Twice,I Think I Know Enough Of Hate To Say That For Destruction Ice Is Also Great & Would Suffice.

♡Whats Life In A Love ♡

Escape Me?



While I Am,I,And You Are You,So Long As The World Contains Us Both,Me The Loving And You The Loth While The Ones Elude Must Be The Other Pursue.My Life Is At Fault At Least I Fear.


It Seems Too Much Like A Fate,Indeed! Though I Do My Best I Shall Scarse Succeed. But If I Fall Out Of My Purpose Here?It Is But To Keep The Nerves At Strain.

To Dry One’s Eyes And Laugh At A Fall, And Buffled Get Up And Began Again.So The Chase Takes Up One’s Life That’s All.While Look But Once From Your Furthers Bound.


At Me So Deep In The Dust & Dark,No Sooner The Hold Hope Goes Ground Than A New One,Straight To The Self Same Mark

I Shape Me—



Published by ☆Own Your Thrown☆

Am Sindiswa Known As Miss Faith And Am From South Africa.Born October And My Star Sign Is Libra. Am A Very Persistent Person And Goal Driving,I Do Whatever It Takes To Get Where I Want. In A Short Word Just Describe Me As "Badassery:, Meaning 《Am Engaging In Impossible Activities And Achieve Success In A Manner That Renders All Outlookers Completely Awestruck》

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